Sherry, Port & Co

Sherry, Port and Madeira are fortified wines and have a centuries-long tradition. The addition of brandy during winemaking makes them particularly robust, and they can sometimes be stored for a very long time. Thanks to this property, Sherry, Port & Co were particularly suitable for overseas trade and were also a popular provision on the high seas.

We have a nice selection of sherry from the Jerez region in southern Spain, port wine from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal and Madeira from the flower island of the same name in the North Atlantic. The wine styles differ significantly from each other, which makes tasting and enjoying these wines all the more exciting.

Even today, these classics enrich the world of wine with their unique taste and are imitated in many places using similar winemaking methods. They are often served as an aperitif or as a digestif or enhance various dishes in a unique way.

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