About us: Weinstall Jensen

The family business “Weinstall Jensen” was founded in 1983 by Marianne and Jens Jensen. Traveling in Germany and France generated a passion for good wines. At that time there was hardly any wine on offer in Flensburg, so the idea of setting up a specialist wine shop arose. The former cowshed on the farm quickly came into question, as the romantic ambience and the cooling stone walls offer ideal conditions for the presentation and storage of wine.

Marianne and Jens Jensen ran the wine shop together for 30 years and lived their passion for wine together. Today Marianne Jensen continues to run the wine shop together with her daughter and sommelier Mareike Jensen. Through the interaction of years of experience and young ideas, we are a successful team. The world of wines and the dialogue with our customers enriches us and motivates us in what we do.

Jasper Jensen has also been there since 2015. He primarily takes care of warehousing and delivering supplies to our restaurateurs. As a trained electrician, he is also responsible for all manual work on the Weinstall farm. His creativity and craftsmanship can be seen, among other things, in bottle lamps and furniture made from wine crates and pallets.